Best Friends Animal Hospital provides routine healthcare for your pets in addition to treatment when problems arise. Below are some of the procedures we perform. 

Routine Care

Physical Exam


Heartworm Test

Intestinal Parasite Check (Fecal Flotation) 

Screening/Baseline Blood Work 

Dental Scaling and Polishing 


ProHeart6 & ProHeart12 Injections (A single injection for 6 or 12 months of heartworm prevention) 

Diagnostic Procedures

Comprehensive In-House Blood Work – Results typically available within 20 minutes of drawing blood

X-rays (Radiographs) – We have digital radiography to evaluate many different anatomic structures when needed

Urinalysis – This is performed either when you notice a problem with your pet's urination, or many times in conjunction with other lab work to help diagnose certain diseases

Cytology – This involves looking at a sample under the microscope which is especially helpful for ear infections, skin infections, and when evaluating a growth or mass

EKG – This involves connecting electrodes and measuring the electrical conductivity of the heart

Fecal Flotation – Microscopic evaluation of a fecal sample to look for the presence of parasites

Heartworm test – Blood test to screen for heartworm disease

Tick borne disease test – Blood test to check for ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and heartworms

Parvovirus test – Fecal test to determine if a puppy or unvaccinated adult dog with clinical signs has parvovirus

FIV/FeLV test – Blood test for the presence or exposure to FIV & FeLV which are significant life altering diseases for cats

Giardia test – Fecal test for the presence of the giardia parasite

Schirmer Tear test – Determines tear production to help diagnose “dry-eye”

Fluorescein Stain – Stains the cornea of the eye to look for scratches or defects

Tonometry – Measures the pressure in the eyes to check for glaucoma

Glucose Level - Checks the blood sugar which can be especially useful in neonates and patients with diabetes 

Surgical Procedures

Canine & Feline Ovariohysterectomy (Spay) 

Canine & Feline Neuter

Dewclaw Removal (3-7 days)

Dewclaw Removal (adult)

Feline Declaw

Tail Docking (3-7 days only)

“Cherry Eye” Surgery

Hernia Repair

Mass Removal

Foreign Body Removal

Removal of Bladder Stones (Cystotomy) 

Abdominal Exploratory (Celiotomy)

Ectropion and Entropion Surgery (Eyelid Surgery)


Tooth Extraction


Orthopedic Surgery* (Depending on specific case)

Other Procedures

Cold Laser Therapy - This involves using a certain wavelength of light that helps to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation and pain 

Ear Cleaning

Medicated Bath

Deep Ear Flush

Bacterial and Fungal Cultures

Nail Trims/Nail Dremel 

Anal Gland Expression 

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